At the beach

  • At the beach

At the beach is a cyanotype and screenprint I made at Edinburgh printmakers. Loosely inspired by Portobello Beach.. with pterodactyls.

Cyanotype and screenprint
38x56 cm
edition of 7
Printed on Somerset soft white paper, 300gsm
Each print is and signed and numbered (some are marked A/P: artist proof)

Cyanotype is a photographic process by which each sheet of paper is coated with a light sensitive emulsion. I used my drawing and various elements of maps to create a negative that was imprinted onto the paper by exposing it to UV light. This gives the image this incredibly deep blue. I also makes each print different: some of them darker, some lighter, some with small changes. They are, in fact, all unique in their own way. Yours might be slightly different in contrast than the one pictured here.
I also added to each of them a few layers of screenprint to add depth and details (plus a reddish sky!).

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