The Reenactment


The Reenactment is an illustrated story for adults and young adults from 11+. It is an A4, 60 pages-long book. Each double page spread is illustrated with colour illustrations in gouache, digitally printed. The book is, of course, all written and illustrated by me.
I received some funding from Creative Scotland and Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles Culture to write it.

Follow Beauregard the reluctant knight on a surreal adventure in a medieval reenactment.
Like all my stories, it is quietly bonkers.
It’s got a big horse, a small puppy, TV ready knights and dames, the holy grail, converts, adverts, an overbearing aunt, a drunk uncle, drag nuns and monks, a lot of trees, a special mushroom sandwich, and demolition diggers.

The book will come carefully packaged to you.